Creating a Nest Egg

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Starting a new career is always stressful, but especially for those families with a family member transitioning from the military. Usually the location last served on active duty is not the location the family will want to continue residing in after military service. This means they will have to begin evaluating their post military relocation with enough time to consider the job market, hiring within the area, schools, and possibly the proximity to family networks among other things. The strain of evaluating the post-military factors, along with having to complete the current enlistment, can create anxiety and stress. Family members of military have already endured the stress of running the household during deployment and must now focus their attention to life post-military where new challenges lie ahead.

If you are considering separation from the military in the future, try to set aside enough money to equal 4-6 months of income as a nest egg. Some do this by saving the equivalent to one month’s pay over a 12-month period.

One way to do this is by setting aside your biweekly salary on those months where you are paid more than two times in a month. Although you are paid every two weeks, you may receive three pay periods in one month and on those occasions you may be able to set aside a portion or all of that paycheck to aid you in your nest egg savings. If you are able to do this over a course of a few years, you may be able to set aside an amount needed to cover any rainy day expenses in the future. This does require a specialized approach to money management, but many families still practice this method after military service to offset holiday and vacation expenses.



Robert Gowin is a retired Army Master Sergeant that began his career as a Armor Crewmember before becoming a recruiter and career counselor. Robert’s experience in the private sector includes business and human resources consulting, project management, corporate operational strategy and integration, and most recently as Vice President of Pharmacy Operations, Analytics, and Compliance for Anthem, Inc.’s pharmacy solutions. He is the author of the book, Master the Transition, that provides advice to military on how to plan for a successful transition that is available at, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

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