EP-81 | Mike Maloney | USN “Top Gun” Pilot | KOTA Longbards | Entrepreneur

KOTA Longboards founder, Mike Maloney, and Mentors for Military founder, Robert Gowin, have similar experiences of serving their country and also of climbing the corporate ladder to become executives. In this episode, Mike and Robert talk about the current economic situation and possible trend, becoming an entrepreneur, and the approach to building a successful company. Mike Maloney served in the U.S. Navy as a F-14 Tomcat and Top Gun fighter pilot. Following tours in Iraq and Somalia, in 2012 he created KOTA Longboards, a handcrafted skateboard designed after the surf boards in Hawaii. KOTA deck styles draw their names from historic military aircraft flown by the intrepid Knights of the Air. That’s where their name KOTA originates as well. You can learn more about KOTA Longboards at www.kotalongboards.com or on social media as “kotalongboards”.

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