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MentorsPodcastMay 23, 2016 -It’s important to maintain a routine post military. Time management and sticking to a routine will allow you to have a more productive day. A good routine also helps remove anxiety and stress that can develop due to feeling out of control or because of the overwhelming tasks that arise. The team discusses techniques to help.

MentorsPodcastMay 18, 2016 -The team planned on discussing the alarming number of cases where veterans are homeless, depressed, and committing suicide. We then received a request to address these issues and more, both within the U.S. and in Britain. Don Randle is a recently retired US Army Colonel and he joined Colin MacLachlan, Robert Gowin, Rudy Lindsey, and Kat Kaelin to tackle this request.

MentorsPodcastMay 12, 2016 -David Rutherford is the founder of Team Froglogic. He is a former US Navy SEAL, current motivational speaker and author. He joins the show as a guest host where we talk about overcoming the fear of failure faced by many separating from the military or veterans making a career change.

MentorsPodcastMay 10, 2016 -Matt Johnson is a British Army veteran turned cop who joined Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, and Kat Kaelin to describe his struggles with post traumatic stress (PTSD) and how he manages the mental disorder after 20 years through writing his books. He is the author of Wicked Game, the top-selling book in his category on Kobo, and continues to speak to veterans and police officers about the effects of PTSD and how to cope with it.

MentorsPodcastMay 6, 2016 -Robert and Mike heard that some former service members find themselves bored at work post military or that they can’t find the structure that existed when they were within the military. The podcast discusses ways to overcome those challenges and in how to discover new opportunities to help satisfy what may be missing daily at work or at home.

MentorsPodcastMay 3, 2016 -Colin MacLachlan joined the Royal Scots when he was 15. He spent 10 years in the Regiment and then a further 12 years as a member of the SAS. He left the armed forces in his late 30s and studied history at Edinburgh University where he gained a first class honours degree. He is a trained hostage negotiator and now works as a security consultant and emergency planner. He was one of the elite team of special forces veterans on the Channel 4 TV series SAS: Who Dares Wins. He joined Robert Gowin and Kat Kaelin to talk about his military experience, his transition, and what he’s been doing since separation. He is a big supporter of veterans and veteran programs.

MentorsPodcastApr 27, 2016 -Mark Llano is the owner and driver of Serket Racing, a seasoned veteran and entrepreneur dedicated to bettering the lives of his fellow veterans. Mark followed his passion for racing by creating Serket to raise awareness and direct financial support for veterans and their families. Robert Gowin, Rudy Lindsey, and Kat Kaelin talk to Mark about the work he is doing with Boot Campaign ( to help veterans and their families, how he’s built several companies since his military separation, and on how to build successful teams.

MentorsPodcastApr 20, 2016 -Larry Broughton is a former US Army Special Forces soldier and current CEO that has combined all of his life experience, as well as a not-so-shabby academic romp through the halls of such esteemed institutions as the University of California and Stanford to create a unique brand of leadership and team-building talents, leading to one of the industry’s most upbeat, respected and enduring hotel companies. He joined Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, and Rudy Lindsey to talk about the importance of developing effective teams and how to build them to grow your organizations profits and achieve common goals.

MentorsPodcastApr 18, 2016 -Understanding how to use your post military educational benefits can be challenging. Robert, Mike, and Kat discuss the GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, tuition assistance, VONAPP, and other items to help you get on your way.

MentorsPodcastApr 13, 2016 -Matthew Griffin, or “Griff”, is the CEO and co-founder of Combat Flip Flops. A graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Engineering Management. Griff served in the 75th Ranger Regiment as a Rifle Company Fire Support Officer with three tours to Afghanistan and one tour to Iraq. He joined Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, and Kat Kaelin on the radio podcast to talk about how veterans make great entrepreneurs and why. He also shares the story of how he and his business partner, Lee, made Combat Flip Flops successful and the lessons they learned.

MentorsPodcastApr 10, 2016 – Andrew Marr of Warrior Angels Foundation and Mark Pew of Prium join the podcast team of Robert, Mike, Rudy, and Kat to discuss veteran post traumatic stress and military sexual trauma. The team discusses therapy, the use of medical marijuana and the effects of prescribed medication, as well as ways in which to obtain assistance.

MentorsPodcastApr 7, 2016 – Robert, Scott, Mike, Rudy, and Kat discuss the challenge separating military encounter when they transition to the private sector and back to home life. The team shares tips on how to quickly assimilate and adapt to this new environment.

MentorsPodcastApr 3, 2016 – LTC Lochner joins the podcast team of Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder, Rudy Lindsey, Mike Pritts, and Kat Kaelin to share how he’s preparing for retirement soon. We also discuss women entering special operations and on the filing of VA disability claims when a service member is near separation.

MentorsPodcastMar 28, 2016 – Within most organizations, determining the compensation for positions within a company is very scientific. Organizations utilize benchmarking reports to aid them in determining compensation for each job title based on responsibilities, direct reports, and accountabilities. Robert, Scott, Rudy, Susan, and Kat discuss all aspects of the total compensation package, how to learn your value after transition, and where to get help.

MentorsPodcastMar 23, 2016 – James Weirick is a retired Marine LTC and Judge Advocate. He is also a contributor at Task & Purpose. He joined Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder, Mike Pritts, and Susan Daood to talk about his own service, transition, and to provide advice to transitioning military.

MentorsPodcastMar 20, 2016 – The podcast team of Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder, Rudy Lindsey, Mike Pritts and Susan Daood talked to the wives of Rudy and Mike as well as Kat Kaelin (spouse of active duty soldier) about their experiences and perceptions of deployments, reintegration, permanent change of station (PCS), and military transition. While it’s true that most military families can overcome challenges of military life by operating like “teams,” sometimes the point of view experienced by the spouse is much different that that of the service member.

MentorsPodcastMar 16, 2016 – Larry is an award-winning entrepreneur & CEO, best-selling author, keynote speaker, mentor and veteran. He joined Robert Gowin, Rudy Lindsey, Scott Kinder, Mike Pritts, and Susan Daood on the podcast on the topic of “Women in Leadership”. He has been a keynote speaker at many women entrepreneur conferences and training workshops and has experienced first-hand women in key leadership roles. We asked him about the best ways for women veterans, and women in general, to overcome the perceptions and rise to leadership roles in the private sector.

MentorsPodcastMar 13, 2016 – Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, and Susan Daood talk with Kat Kaelin about her transition, veteran homelessness, and the challenges following separation. Kat is a former SSG (E6) in the Army who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was a member of the Army’s CST-2 (cultural support team) attached to the 75th Rangers. She is a contestant for Miss Veteran America 2016 with a platform of ending women veterans homelessness.

MentorsPodcastMar 9, 2016 – During this “In the Strategy Room” podcast Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, Susan Daood, and Rudy Lindsey tackle the differences between a coach and a mentor. They provide examples of each, share their own personal experiences, help you know when to consider seeking a mentor or a coach, and how to find either when the time arrives.

MentorsPodcastMar 6, 2016 – During this podcast Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder, Mike Pritts, Susan Daood, and Ron Schwery discussed the importance of having a solid plan that includes contingencies before making a career change. Ron described his time as a Special Forces Medic and how he became an entrepreneur immediately after separation. He shared his story of the challenges he and his wife faced owning their own business during a economic downturn. The team describes the steps you can take to create and execute a successful plan.

MentorsPodcastMar 2, 2016 – Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder, Mike Pritts, and Susan Daood discuss “Pride & Prejudice” as a topic “In the Strategy Room” show. There is a feeling of satisfaction and pride from military accomplishments, but at times the prejudices or preconceived opinions from the private sector are real and difficult to overcome.

MentorsPodcastFeb 28, 2016 – Susan Daood joined Robert Gowin and Scott Kinder on the Mentors for Military podcast and they discussed the challenges of translating military experience within the private sector and how at times things get lost in translation. They provided tips on how to present military experience so that it demonstrates the value to the private sector industry or job.

MentorsPodcastFeb 24, 2016 – Rob Clapper from Your Grateful Nation (YGN) joined Robert Gowin, Rudy Lindsey, Scott Kinder, and Mike Pritts “In the Strategy Room” show that discusses the topic of “Marketing Your Skills” and the programs of Your Grateful Nation.

MentorsPodcastFeb 21, 2016 – Robert Gowin, Rudy Lindsey, Scott Kinder and Mike Pritts talk about the topic of “problem solving” which applies to aspects of transition from the military as well as tackling problems or challenges in the private sector. It could be accomplished through Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act or through the 6-Sigma approach of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). Stay calm, create a solid plan, know the risks, mitigate them as much as possible, and execute your plan!

MentorsPodcastFeb 17, 2016 – Robert Gowin, Scott Kinder and Mike Pritts talk “In the Strategy Room” about the three planning considerations for your transition from the military or when thinking about your next position if you are a veteran. It’s important that you ensure you select the right culture, company, position, location, and assess your capabilities. The three R’s: Right Partner; Right Location; Right Capability.

MentorsPodcastFeb 15, 2016 – Robert Gowin, Mike Pritts, Scott Kinder, and Mark McCowan discuss the topic of adaptability/change. The ability to evolve and change or be adaptable is important in the military and in the private business sector.

MentorsPodcastFeb 10, 2016 – Mike Pritts, Robert Gowin, and Scott Kinder tackle the topic of not leaving your success to others in this episode of “In the Strategy Room.” The show is centered around the article Mike wrote “The Army’s Transition Program is Not For You” about his own transition experience after 30 years of service in the US Army Special Forces (Green Beret).

DELFeb 8, 2016 – Alex and Mondo from De Espresso Liber – a coffee roasting company – joined Mentors for Military podcast to share their military experience, the journey to entrepreneurship and the challenges of running a growing business. Alex is former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and Mondo is a former infantryman – both are combat veterans – and their passion for coffee led them to starting a business together.

MentorsPodcastFeb 4, 2016 – In this “In the Strategy Room” episode Robert Gowin and Scott Kinder discuss what is a network, how to build it, the ways to contact and use a network, networking tools, and the ways in which to create lasting relationships and maintain your personal brand.


JoeHealey_GBFJan 31, 2016 – Joe Healey is a former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) that retired Aug 2015 after serving more than 20 years of service. He is extremely passionate about the care of Green Berets and their families and he brings that dynamic perspective and skill-set to the Green Beret Foundation where he now leads the Next Ridgeline program that focuses on providing transitional tools and resources to current and former Green Berets.

MentorsPodcastJan 26, 2016 – Our new segment is called “In the Strategy Room” and will be a forum discussion on a particular subject/topic that we feel passionate about. This episode is around the topic of communications barriers that are seen by both active military separating and by the private sector toward military. Each show we’ll discuss a new topic.


MarkMcCowanJan 24, 2016 – Mark McCowan is an active duty US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier that is evaluating the best time to transition to the private sector and how he’ll align his passion/purpose to organizations in the future. We provide advice and encouragement to help him succeed.


JudyWadeJan 17, 2016 – Judy Wade is a professional executive coach that has worked many years in her profession with internal executives of a Fortune 100 company. She currently owns an executive coaching company that assists with coaching her clients on their development, importance of knowing their purpose, how to find their purpose, personal branding and many other coaching opportunities. We discuss many of these with her on this show with a goal of helping you be more successful in your own life and career.

ScottKinderJan 10, 2016 – Scott Kinder is a former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier that made a successful transition where he is now an author of the book, Ground Truth, and CEO of The Kinder Group that specializes in Operational Intelligence, Corporate Training, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Business Intelligence, and Strategy. We talk to him about his military career and transition as well as the challenges of being an entrepreneur.
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Rudy_WebsiteDec 15, 2015 – Rudy Lindsey is a former CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer) with the US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) that separated in 2014 and owns Jack Ontario Custom Rods – a custom fishing rod company. He is now the cohost of the Mentors for Military podcasts and during this show he talks about his military career, his passion, and about his love for giving back to the military through mentorship and philanthropy.