Stating your goal in 140 characters or less!

twitterMany of us are on social media and use it to communicate our thoughts, activities, photos, etc. so that others know what we are up to. But what if you were asked by someone in your network to tell them about your perfect job – could you do it in under 140 characters? Although you may not be limited by characters while stating it, you should think of a way to describe your perfect job in a concise way that describes it best and demonstrates your passion towards it. This will require some practice in order to parse it down to a point where it is short and perfected, but could go a long way in helping you land the next opportunity. Your network wants to help you land your ideal position and by describing it in a way that is precise and short will likely display to them that you are confident in your response and are laser focused in what is your perfect job. Try it!

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