EP-66 Mylee Cardenas | U.S. Army Cultural Support Team | Civil Affairs | Overcoming Obstacles

Mylee Cardenas served in the U.S. Army as a civil affairs non-commissioned officer before volunteering to join the cultural support team (CST)initiative where she was assigned to the Special Forces in Afghanistan. While deployed, she noticed a lump on her breast, but ignored it so she could finish the eight-month tour. Mylee returned to the United States to find out that she had stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. She began chemotherapy and 35 rounds of radiation, before undergoing a bilateral mastectomy. She finished a marathon while on chemo. We discuss the many obstacles that she has overcame as well as why the CST program had difficulties with SOF soldiers. Mylee is now working on a documentary about the reasons so many are joining the fight in Afghanistan and what compels them.

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