EP-69 Bram Connolly | Australian Special Forces | Author | Empowering Veterans

Bram Connolly left his Adelaide home at sixteen to work on a sheep station. He joined the Australian Army as a seventeen year old and rose through the ranks to retire from Special Forces as a Major in 2011. In a distinguished twenty-year career (over fifteen years in Special Forces) Bram was deployed to Somalia, East Timor (twice) and Afghanistan (twice). In 1997 Bram was selected on Australia’s first course for service as a commando. In 2002 he was selected on the first course run for domestic counter terrorism outside of the Special Air Service Regiment. He spent five years as an operator in the Tactical Assault Group and was the Officer in Charge of Selection for Special Forces before departing from service life. Bram was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for leadership in battle in the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours. He is now a writer and stay-at-home dad to his two sons. He lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where his wife works as a human resources executive for a global company. Bram joined Robert Gowin on this podcast to talk about veteran transition, the victim mentality of some following separation, and about his second book.

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