EP-70 Stu Pearson | British Paratrooper | Kilo Two Bravo | Extraordinary Journey

Stuart Pearson went on a routine patrol to observe and possibly attack a Taliban checkpoint near Kajaki Dam in Helmand province. As his patrol carefully picked their way down a ravine, his friend, Cpl Stuart Hale, hopped across a river bed and then flew backwards after stepping on a mine. Stuart Pearson was the next victim after he stood on a mine as he went to his friend’s aid. He looked down and all that was left of his lower leg was a shoe lace still attached. Another soldier, Andy Barlow, who subsequently won the George Medal for attending to the wounded, stood on a mine after reaching to grab a bottle of water that had been thrown to him. The NCO in charge, Cpl Wright, was severely wounded twice by shrapnel but he still continued looking after the men. Once rescued, Cpl Mark Wright died in the helicopter. A movie was made about the event – “Kilo Two Bravo” that is currently on Netflix. Stu Pearson joins Robert Gowin to talk about the events of that day, what he’s been doing since separation from the military, and how he now works to assist others.

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