How to successfully transition

Although the article below is about 3 years old, it is still a good read for those considering transition and weighing their opportunities.

Article: How to successfully transition – FoxNews

Many times I’ve counseled those on active duty about their options and the importance of taking the time to carefully analyze their choices. The decision to stay in the military or to transition into the private sector should not be taken lightly and likely impacts more than just the military member.

Most of those who are weighing the options are not thinking about the amount of time necessary to fully transition and increase their likelihood of success. The longer the runway, the better their chances and ensuring they meet or exceed the job requirements for the position they really want within the private sector. If a company spends as much as two to three years performing due diligence on whether to purchase another company and evaluates every risk possible, why would you not want to do the same when making major decisions? You should.

The book, “Master the Transition“, helps military think about these important questions and develop a plan that should increase their chances of landing employment.

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