Is that YOUR resume?

Job interview in the office with focus on resume and penA friend was recently sharing an experience about how he received a resume from a young man applying for a position and invited him in for an interview. He definitely looked the part and arrived dressed in appropriate attire for the interview. However, when the questions began, his answers told a different story.

The young man was asked to “describe a time when…” using an experience that supported the roles and responsibilities of the position he was applying for and also had expressed on his resume. Unfortunately, he couldn’t provide a response to the question because he didn’t complete the resume and didn’t have that experience.  What?! It turned out that his sister had taken the time to fill out his resume for him and had decided to embellish it in order to attract potential employers.

He wasn’t prepared to answer many questions. He looked great, his resume was formatted correctly and without typographical errors, yet it really wasn’t his resume – it was his sister’s resume. She wasn’t applying for the position and wasn’t there to aid her brother in response to the questions asked by the interviewer.

All too often people allow others to write their resumes for them. The problem is that the resume is your first opportunity to impress someone and it should be based off of your experiences and truthful in the descriptions of work performed and accomplishments. There are professionals available to assist you in writing your resume, but in the end, it should still be yours to own. Be prepared to demonstrate and support what you placed within it.


Robert Gowin is a retired Army Master Sergeant that began his career as a Armor Crewmember before becoming a recruiter and career counselor. Robert’s experience in the private sector includes business and human resources consulting, project management, corporate operational strategy and integration, and most recently as Vice President of Pharmacy Operations, Analytics, and Compliance for Anthem, Inc.’s pharmacy solutions. He is the author of the book, Master the Transition, that provides advice to military on how to plan for a successful transition that is available at, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

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