New Year… New you?

by The Aviator

Every year as the days before New Years Eve pass, our society goes through a cultural revitalization as individuals evaluate themselves and decide what they seek to do differently the following year. Our gyms, libraries, workplaces, and even homes are filled with motivated (even if only temporarily) people ready to attack their resolutions with ease……ease? I think not.

That brings us to the “here we go again,” phrase with the subsequent rolling of the eyes. The same story, same routine, same s&*t in and out every year that is shoved in our faces in an effort to sell our culture of having the “new” of everything; but new you?

We should start by cutting the s&*t; if you want to change, or be better, you do it. We need to make changes for the purpose of bettering ourselves rather than buying into being a “resolutioner,” regardless of if you start this change at the New Year or otherwise. We all try, and at times are unsuccessful; but the key is to productively habituate these attempts at change until they become the norm in our everyday lives. This is where the true resolution resides: beyond the single failed attempt (Edison didn’t fail, but succeeded hundreds of times at not making the lightbulb, remember?). Do not wait to try to surf a cultural wave with the rest of the resolutions–only then attempt to buy into the statistical probability of unsuccessful attempts at a change during the first month of the New Year due to time, money, or whatever else we decide to blame. GET AFTER IT!

Relentlessly pursue the betterment of yourself, your environment, and your skill set.

So we ask ourselves, “How do I build this into habit?” Now that we are a few days into the year 2017, most have felt the initial rush of energy and some already appear to be coming down off the “high” of resolution. Everyone is different and approach their goals differently, but we can all make progress with three steps;

1. Write It Down
Make every goal, objective and have a plan! Law 29 of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power is: Plan All The Way To The End. This doesn’t necessarily mean it should be our singular focus of every waking moment. This does, however, mean that we should initiate action with a measurable objective in mind!

2. Remind Yourself
Many factors play into our lives. Work, school, family, unexpected obligations. Often, as stated before, we tend to fall to these excuses as our goals that appeared with our resolution fade away. Let us not forget three key elements: Perception. Action. Will. Recognize that most of the time, we perceive our inability to accomplish a task; be it going to the gym due to being tired or having a long day, or not being able to do something as simple as calling a family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Let the recognition of this drive our actions towards our goals. Willingly accept what is truly outside of our control, but equally bear enough will to drive our actions to better ourselves.

3. Reward
We are hard on ourselves. That’s why we even create these resolutions in our minds, right? Self-reward comes from inside and can only be determined by what you desire. For some, the simple release of dopamine, the feel good hormone, into their body is enough. For others, maybe its a “cheat day” once a week if they have set nutrition or fitness based goals. We must allow ourselves the mental clarity of rewarding actions that direct us towards our goals.

With these concepts in mind, we may drive forward this year with perhaps a more organized, or refined, approach to our goals. Remember along the way; it is not only the end result that matters, but more often the journey.

I wish all of you a happy New Year. Stay strong, stay focused, and remember that your mind is your biggest adversary.

-The Aviator

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