The most dangerous obstacle to your success is simply…YOU.

By Rudy Lindsey

Broadcast MicrophoneWe started podcasting only a short time ago. Our podcast series is a rapidly growing outreach venture that is becoming hugely popular among our listeners, not to mention our competitors. The episodes aren’t about giving you a step-by-step, patented route to success. “Oh Contraire” my friend… that is a farce, a red-herring, bluntly put… snake oil. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who tells you “the same principles apply to everyone”, or that “you have to color in-between the lines to create beautiful artwork” is lying to you. That’s not to say that some of those principles won’t apply, or that some of the old ways don’t work. We take a different, yet very direct approach to educating success. We aim to help you tear apart, understand and define the core of success, ideas and what it really means to be victorious with a passion so powerful it can change your future forever. Success is not an end-state, but rather, a journey. If you think you’ve reached the top of the mountain, then where do you have left to go?

What I absolutely love about our podcast series is that, although the topics are different, they all have a common thread: finding the navigable waypoints that can guide you towards success, developing laser-like focus that leads you along the journey and embracing the magic that happens along the way. Anyone who tells you that your dream is impossible is a total ass, a naysayer and quite possibly an irrelevant bureaucrat who’s become stagnant with their own life. What’s more, is that these judgmental and biased thoughts are not remotely upward thinking or centered on your success.

Adapting to change is what we’re about. Change forces us to evolve. It takes us from here to there. It’s not to be feared, but embraced. It’s the gateway to something new. And that, my friends, is why we exist. Think about it. We would literally die without adapting to change in our lives. You become hungry; you think of food and eat. Growing up, you experienced puberty and you overcame the initial fear of exploration with a boy or girlfriend. You finish school and you find employment. You meet your love and perhaps think of having children. Over time, you end a career and pursue something new. This process is instinctual for us yet some try to differentiate making a decision such as walking around a pothole in the sidewalk with ending a 25 year military career and transitioning into the business sector. Of course the challenges are very different, but the common denominator is that it’s a challenge, to which you will either change or adapt to find a solution or not. The mental processes are the same. You will either choose to overcome or you choose to remain. You still have to choose!

Welcome to a successful mindset. Anyone can do anything from anywhere at any time. And to those who disagree, wake up, close your mouth for a minute and open your eyes and ears to the reality of what’s going on around you and in this country and the world. This is your journey, the adventure that you chose to travel. Every day that you wake up, you decide where you want to go. You pick the direction. You choose the mode of travel. You lead the way. And from this you discover new paths – from point A to Z. The bumps in the road are essential and serve as a forcing function that influence you to determine where you want to go, how you get there and what you want to leave behind.

Within our podcasts, you’ll learn about successes, failures and the most valuable lessons learned along the way from individuals, like yourself, who have a burning desire for success. These are delivered in a no-holds-barred, raw and truthful experience. They can be amusing, serious, sad or downright frightening. It’s the challenge of the path you’ve decided to take. Its reality and it’s not easy. Remain flexible. Expect the route to change along the way (it probably should). Success is not always about being a millionaire. Sometimes it’s simply about doing what you love.

If the following applies, then recognize and own it:

OWN who you are as an individual: Anyone who says you can’t be yourself and be successful is lying to you! Stop listening to fearful, jealous and close-minded trolls. Instead, make a decision and surround yourself with like-minded, encouraging and motivated people.

BE boldly stubborn because nothing is ridiculous if you’re willing to employ a genuine passion as the driving tenant for your future. Be relentless. At the end of the day, the ONLY person who can achieve your success is YOU. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

CRUSH your competition. Every great success story needs an enemy to take down or bridge to cross. If you don’t have one… create one, regardless if that “enemy” is a thought, person, tangible obstacle or even… YOU.

LEARN the differences between opportunity and distraction, active listening. Learn to be observant. Filter the noise and stay alert for what really matters. What matters is anything that helps you reach or prevents you from reaching your goal. LEARN what you don’t know: Never underestimate the value of honest and open communication. Listen and respond to your potential employer, peers, customers or your team. If you’re the smartest person in the room… then you’re in the wrong room.

CHALLENGE conventional wisdom, self-imposed limitations, and abstract obstacles to become the biggest, baddest, boldest version of you – because you can… and should.

So, in closing, what happens when you bring a collective of barrel-chested, freedom fighting, innovating, game-changers with above average creative minds who absolutely love to bring unconventional solutions to realistic problems together to talk success? The answer: Fresh ideas, new perspectives and an unstoppable desire to utterly smash obstacles and reach goals. “Winners… Winning… Success”.

The reality:  Mentors For Military

Thanks Team!

~Rudy Lindsey


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