Tough love

Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the rear or a dose of reality to help us. It’s not easy to listen to the advice of others and most of us believe we have it all figured out and can do just fine on our own. When the subject is a about job change, everyone wants to believe they know what’s best for their own career. The truth is, we may think we know a lot about what to expect, but when we begin to properly analyze future opportunities in the job market, we may find that we aren’t nearly as smart as we thought we were.

Searching for the “right” job is difficult for everyone – even if they won’t admit it. But, if you’ve been out of the market for years due to serving your country in the military, you may find that shifts have occurred within the marketplace making it difficult to transition back smoothly. Asking for assistance from those we include within our network or from our friends and family are not easy, but they probably understand your situation and can provide advice. You have to be willing to listen and open to the idea that what you thought may not be correct. It’s challenging for many of us to navigate the job market, so understand that you are not alone. Seeking assistance from those who are familiar with making the transition is what is best.

Don’t expect a handout or an easy transition. Like most things in life, you have to work hard to see positive results.

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